The solution

HABC: The Heuristically optimized Aircraft Boarding Coordination method

This Al driven process facilitates a smooth and efficient coordinated boarding by groups that is easy to implement, easy to supervise and most importantly provides safe, very fast and convenient boarding for all — passengers and staff alike:

– You may continue using your current priority rules, by class, or other, including your privileged passengers the usual way;

– For other passengers, the Heuristic Boarding Template will provide easy to assign boarding pass sequence numbers, making their boarding easy, fast and smooth, at the time you decide to call them, by group, or by boarding sequence range;

– Saving valuable Airport gate time and reducing turnaround time and costs;

– Improving the guests experience and reducing costs for all types of flight from short range commuting to intercontinental.

– You will be provided with the sequence template specifying a boarding sequence number for each seat of each class;

– You will also get an implementation guide to help you through the steps to set up the process, the social distanced boarding area and assist you in leveraging the template.