Heurisic Aircraft Boarding Coordinated Secure social distanced boarding:

Airlines can leverage the methodology to achieve a now required safe social distancing process, allowing passengers to board in a coordinated, orderly and polite way, minimizing the risks to their health by marking on the floor of the boarding area pre-numbered spaces of the appropriate size. Utilizing the provided sequencing by groups, you should size the groups to match the number of spaces available in the boarding area, thus allowing passengers to board in full respect of secure social distancing rules:
– Passengers will be guided to line-up with their co-travellers (family or associates) in the numbered marked spaces, staying at an appropriate distance from other passengers;
– When allowed, passengers may then board keeping a safe and polite distance from strangers;
– Thanks to the heuristically assigned boarding sequence numbers, passengers will not block nor interfere with each other on the way to their assigned seats;
– This will ensure appropriate distancing in current pandemic situations, and;
– Ultimately usher a new normal, smooth, polite and faster boarding process.