The Heuristic aircraft Boarding Coordination


End passengers queuing frustrations and departure delays!

With decades of experience delivering solutions for IATA and the airline industry we have conceived a heuristically optimized method for fast and convenient aircraft boarding that is economical, flexible, and easy to implement. We can deliver to your airline, promptly, a boarding sequence template for any make, model, setup and configuration aircraft that will be unique to your airline, and customized to your specific clientele characteristics and requirements.

Our methodology can be implemented in different modes, including a specific process for ULCC lights boarding, and a “social distancing” option.

The current boarding processes, whether rear-to-front, wilma, pyramid, or other, all fail to provide fast and smooth boarding and tend to create havoc, scrambling, and passengers frustrations more>>

This Al driven process facilitates a smooth and efficient coordinated boarding by groups
that is easy to implement, easy to supervise and most importantly provides safe, very fast and convenient boarding for all — passengers and staff alike more>>